International transportation

Less than container load

Cargo delivery is the key component of foreign and economic activity of any company.

ADARAMA offers less than container load (mixed cargo) service.

Advantages of mixed cargo service:

  • Low cost (no need to freight an entire container)
  • Developed partner network and regular shipment of mixed consignments
  • Possibility of fast delivery of small cargoes and batches

Mixed cargo passes through several transit hubs and loading operations in delivery progress. ADARAMA guarantees mixed cargo delivery safety thanks to a clear control at each delivery stage and validated integrity of each partner in the delivery chain.

ADARAMA provides mixed cargo service from Europe and China.

We offer:

  • Possibility to select a delivery method
  • Route management
  • Negotiations with consignor
  • Pick-up of cargo from consignor's warehouse
  • Cargo transportation to transit terminal
  • Issuing shipping documents
  • Cargo handling
  • Cargo photo-taking, weighing, volume measurement
  • Cargo packaging
  • Cargo marking
  • Cargo warehouse consolidation
  • Preparation of transportation and forwarding paperwork
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo delivery to destination

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